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Sometimes it seems like forever since I've written. - Sam's Journal

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October 1st, 2005

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11:50 pm - Sometimes it seems like forever since I've written.
As much as my own entries surprise me, it feels like I haven't truly written in my journal for a while. Sure, I've given status updates and quite notes, but it's barely scratched the surface of the past week.

Work is interesting, to put it lightly. They hired me as a Windows Kernel "expert", yet my first task is a taskbar notification applet. I've never done a production program in this environment, and I was given a two week deadline for the project. On Tuesday. Well, technically not two weeks even, it's due this coming Friday.

However, by EOD Friday, I had the system up and running, with debugging and edge smoothing to come. It's actually two different bits of code - one system service, to determine "when things happen" and write them to a log - so the events are saved even if no one is logged on and looking - and the taskbar applet that gives you an immediate pop-up if logged on. Neat.

Lunches during the week have been good. There's a Sam's Club down the block, with a little food court adjacent. I've been there twice - it's a nice, short walk from the office. I've also gotten lunch out running errands one day, and I went to "Mr. Sandwich" on Friday, where no one I saw behind the counter was a "Mr." *chuckle*

I haven't done much unpacking work at home. Partially because I've been working essentially 9am-7pm this week (and only about 30 minutes for lunch on average), and partially because I just haven't felt like I had the energy. The box situation makes the furniture situation a little more difficult to think through. We found an amazing modular sofa tonight, but I'm afraid it'd be too big to fit in our setup. But we did see another one - loveseat-size - that caught our eye. Not sure yet, but probably one of those two!

We didn't find any desks at the furniture stores, though, so we'll have to look elsewhere for that. Hopefully it'll be easier to assemble than the last two, LOL!
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