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I ache. Well, my sholders at least. And I haven't done anything… - Sam's Journal

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July 27th, 2002

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06:51 pm
I ache. Well, my sholders at least. And I haven't done anything today. Except fix a computer. (If you consider replacing the modem fixing instead of replacing.)

One less piece of old eletronics in the apartment. Only about 500 things to go.

But I still ache. God, I just need one good night of sleep. I didn't really sleep well last night because we were trying to get tickets to Elton John's show when he comes to town. We went to the wristband lottery and my wristband was closer to the front than Lis's. Of course, I was still like #2000 in line. I tried to sleep with the damn thing for the longest time and finally in the middle of the night I just gave up and ripped the damn thing off.

Fortunately, we were able to get through to TicketMaster (uuuugggg eeeeeevil) on the Internet and get tickets that way. So nothing was lost by ripping the damn thing off.

Of course, that was at 10am, and tickets are still available... I'm sorta amazed that tickets didn't sell out already. This city is weird...
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