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Sometimes Things Work Out

We haven't checked the entry system in a few days, but the La-Z-Boy delivery people got to our apartment just fine - and we never got a call from the gate, so either (a) a gate was open, (b) they followed a different car in, or (c) the other entry on the system (same last name as me, but the box code doesn't ring to our phone) let them in anyway. No matter how they got there, it was a bit of a shock when the doorbell rang around 8:20. First off, I'm not used to having an honest-to-$DIETY doorbell. (The house I grew up in didn't have a doorbell - despite needing one, and having wiring in place to install one.) And secondly, I didn't expect the delivery so early in the 8am to Noon timeframe.

The measurements we made ahead of time worked pretty well. I still need to do some final "positioning" of the couch when I can take my time and move stuff out of the way, but it does look like a winner. Of course they used little plastic things (like they use to hold tags onto clothing) to attach the arm and back covers to the sofa, so it now seems that we have three tiny holes in the back fabric. I'm hoping that they'll shrink & disappear given a little time - the real question will be if I can find them again when I get home tonight.

Of course, our wonderfully empty-looking (empty implying unpacking progress) living room is now a bit less empty. Hopefully it will encourage me to help out with more unpacking in the evenings...

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