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Ups and Downs

Found out that today's VT game was picked up by ESPN2 (it was a late decision "because of baseball playoffs", according to the VT fan site), so I thought to go to ESPNZone to watch the game (since the cable repair person won't be here until 1pm). However, when we got to Downtown Disney, we found the ESPNZone restaurant was closed until 5:30pm for a "private function." Hmph!

Actually, we even have fun parking before that. The lane I pulled into (with a green light) had a ticket machine that reported "out of tickets" and wouldn't let me in. And then four cars lined up behind me! I ended up hopping out of the car and walking back the line, letting people know what was up, and then played "traffic director" and got incoming cars to stop to let the stuck lane through. Fortunately one of the cars held up to let me get back to my car and get through as well.

We stopped at Tiffy's for breakfast after leaving (since Dee and I were both hungry, and it was only a few minutes away). Other than trying to refill my decaf with leaded, breakfast went well. On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at the callbox and decided to give the existing entry another try, and lo-and-behold, we heard our answering machine! I parked and let Dee come up to the apartment while I went back out to the callbox and tried again, and certainly enough, it's FIXED! YAY!

We've been doing some arranging & cleaning up for the cable guy's arrival. The dry erase magnet board has been hung (in a different orientation than before, we'll see how it works out), and a bunch of packing material was removed. Now we're working on the first grocery order & running Rosie around the apartment. Hopefully the cable guy will fix those woes *fingers crossed*.

Now to see how the rest of the day works out...

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