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Don't Blink - Sam's Journal

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October 21st, 2005

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03:29 pm - Don't Blink
During our trip up to San Jose for the Gwen Stefani concert, Dee and I ended up with some time to kill. I thought about driving by the old office, to see if they were still around - since they hadn't been getting in touch with me, I had wondered how things were going. I ended up going in and chatting up with people, and everyone asked how things were going. "I was hired to do kernel programming, and it feels like I've done everything but," basically sums up my response.

Yesterday, however, changed that - soon I'll be able to say I've done basically everything. Of course, the change is because marketing has added a few new requirements for our next "release," and now I get to figure out how and when we can achieve the goals.

I'm afraid to blink - I might end up working on something else again. *laughs*
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