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Work sucks. (Well, duh.)

I just want something to do today. (Then do something!) But I don't know what I want. (Typical.)

I could go get an XBox and Crazy Taxi 3. (And completely give in to Microsoft world domination.)

Go see Goldmember. (And the MPAA wins.)

Already got the Simpsons 2nd season DVD set. (Giving in to the greedy media monopoly.)

I live in the home of the Free (so long as you choose from what the companies offer) and the home of the Braves (from Atlanta, home of Coca-Cola).

I guess I need to learn that I'm too lazy to do anything to change the world.

Maybe that's part of being in the "upper" middle class (whatever that is). Just accepting that the world is too comfortable for you as is and is, therefore, not worth campaigning to get anything changed.

Of course, there have been people who differed on this in the past and made a difference. But I need to accept that when I'm gone, there will be little for which I am remembered. Unless I save up enough money to get something named for me at a University.

At least just sitting here and writing is something to do. Something sorta nice to do. Of course, no one really reads anything I post. Heck, I probably shouldn't read what I post, I wouldn't want to get me in trouble with myself. (Reference Babylon 5, Security Chief Garibaldi.)

At least most of this will be hidden under an lj-cut, so I don't really mess up anyone's friends page with my self-pitying pointless ramblings. Plus, this way I can really prove to myself that no one reads anything I post, as my whining about the fact will only be seen by those who go past the cut, which will be no one. Because if it wasn't behind a cut, then someone might accidentally read it and post just to tell me otherwise.

Oh god, another stupid Old Navy commercial on the TV. (You know, the one for the rugby shirts.) I hated Brady Bunch (because my sister wanted to watch it, so, of course, I learned to hate it) and I hate that commercial. Thank god that Old Navy doesn't really carry anything in a size that fits me, otherwise I might go and buy stuff there even though I hate their commericals.

Best Buy's commericals are rather bad, but I keep buying stuff from them. About the only commericals that don't really influence me are alcohol ads, but then I don't drink. Nor do I smoke.

Confession: when I was a kid (probably 8 or 9), a kid (similar age) in my neighborhood used snuff tobacco. And, of course wanting to fit in, I did it with him for a while.

I don't really remember what happened, but my parents found out and weren't very happy with me I assume. So now I don't really want to do anything like that. No cigarettes, no alcohol.

Okay, well, very little alcohol. When we found out our "group" at work was being removed... well.... everyone went out for drinks after work and I had a screwdriver. People were surprised. But, hell, it was a very bad day. Since I've been legal, I've had perhaps 4 drinks. In 5+ years.

Would I be more stable if I drank? Hell, my "acid reflux" condition doesn't need me adding alcohol to the problem. At least, I think that alcohol was something that made the acid reflux more frequent/worse. But, then, I've been having a reflux episode about every other week for a while now. I wonder if it's diet related. The last time reflux hit, I had a reasonable dinner (which I had done before), but at lunch I had gone Japanese and had a mushroom teriyaki appetizer and the bento box (which had beef teriyaki, chicken katsu, gyoza (dumplings), friend rice, and a half orange).

*sigh* I don't want my body to be uncooperative. Yet I don't get out and exercise or do anything to try and lose weight, which might actually help my body.

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