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So What's Changed?

Wow. It's been a while since I've actually written an entry - a whole month, almost. So what's happened?

Dee's credit card issues appear to be resolved - payment was made, and no further threats from them. Yay!

My insurance paperwork is all taken care of and I'm covered again. Yay! Dee's not covered yet, but we'll get that paperwork filed in a few weeks, when we can get legal copies of our marriage license.

Yes, marriage license. We finally got married, this past Wednesday. I guess you could say we eloped, since we went to the courthouse, got the license, and had a "civil ceremony" performed there.

This weekend we're going to Vegas. My sister Cindy and her husband Roy will be there from Sunday to Tuesday for their delayed honeymoon, so we'll get to see them on Sunday before we head home. On Saturday, we're going to see Penn & Teller's show at the Rio. Dee's seen it before - almost two years ago, though - so I hope it's not going to be too boring for her. We'll also probably do dinner at the Rio on Saturday night as well, since it was recommended to us by the Robbins Bros. employee who helped us with our wedding bands.

There's a company meeting in about an hour, hopefully it's just more good news. I'm slipping out of work at 5pm if I can, so I can get a minor head start on everyone else that's probably going to Vegas this weekend. And if it all goes well, we might be doing the trip again in a month, when the VT men's basketball team travels there to play in the Las Vegas Shootout.

But then I should get back to work if I want my early departure to work out...

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