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Keurig Goodness

Dee placed an order last week for a home Keurig brewer, which was delivered a few days ago. We finally set it up this morning and ran it through its paces. The directions in the box were great; it's been a while since I've seen something whose directions answered all the questions I had. (They kept referring to the different lights on the machine, to ensure that you're at the right "step" of the instructions.) There was a required "out-of-box setup" sequence to prime the brewer, and it took maybe 5 minutes to run through it.

Afterwards, I made myself a cup of decaf (with the only decaf sample that came with it) and then made Dee a cup of green tea. The work brewer is a bit nicer, but the home one can do multiple cups with just about 20 seconds between, much to my surprise. The sample pack has left us with 15 different "normal" coffee cups which are going to get used very infrequently. Hopefully I'll be able to offer coffee to guests to get them used up.

We ordered additional K-cups with the brewer (teas for Dee, decafs for me), but they didn't come with the brewer. I might have to slip a few decafs home from work, if I can find any at work, either!

Dee picked up some cream with the groceries this week, so I had a very nice cup of coffee at home. Dee also took care of ordering the Keurig. She definitely takes good care of me. :-)
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