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Work has been leaving me wanting to escape in the evenings; this generally leads to a lack of motivation to journal. Last night, however, I called around to my friends and joined up with Adam, Kim, and Yelena to go see "King Kong" at the Arclight. It was the first time I had ever gone to the Arclight, and it certainly lived up to the hype!

Since we went to a 10:55 show, this lead to a very late-night return for me. The drive up and back was very easy, with only a few nighttime freeway construction closures to divert me on the way home. All told, though, I still got home rather late and was pretty awake, meaning I didn't actually get to sleep until almost 5. Dee, though, let me sleep in until almost 11 this morning, and I've been going to work on 6 hours sleep on occasion since I picked up the Xbox 360.

When I did get up, though, I asked what times the Wallace & Gromit movie was playing at the value theatre. It was a 12:35 show, so we headed out around 11:30 for lunch (Steak Escape for me, Pasta Bravo for Dee) and the movie. My earliest memory of Steak Escape is at the Charleston (WV) Town Center; growing up in a town of 5,000, the closest mall was 45 minutes (and two counties) away; the next closest was the Town Center, at about an hour away.

Generally we only went to Charleston for "big shopping" reasons; a few times before Christmas, around birthdays, and anytime Dad needed to go to the Volvo dealer (also in Charleston) for parts. I'd say Steak Escape was my mom's favorite restaurant in the food court, whereas (at the time) I just wanted to get into the video arcade (which was with the food court) as fast as possible. Now that I'm a bit older, though, I definitely like their sandwiches. Even better, though, is that this particular Escape here bakes their own rolls in the shop. Yum! I went for lunch on Friday from work, and wanted to go back today already.

The Woodbridge 5 theater was a lot nicer than I expected for a $1 matinee show. They had cupholders on the seats, and the floor's weren't sticky. The interior was nicely maintained, and you can't just argue with $1 for a matinee or $1.50 at night. The only "defect" was a few splotches on the screen, but I only noticed them when there wasn't much action on screen.

The project did turn itself off during the "cartoon" (featuring the penguins from Madagascar) before the movie, but someone else went out and they fixed that rather quickly. I really wish I had gone to see Wallace and Gromit earlier, because it was a fun movie! And I will definitely be getting it on DVD and offering to show it to friends. I think it was a better movie than Chicken Run, but then I am very partial to Wallace and Gromit!

In a bit we'll head out for some dinner before I have a poker night over at ET's. ET is a former co-worker from Z-force who goes to casinos to play Texas Hold 'Em with his friends, so I know it's basically a lost cause. But they play "tournament style", and since I'm a reasonable dealer I often get re-inserted as a permanent dealer if I go out early.

Now off for an Xbox 360 fix before the evening gets going... my gamertag is Jevim (what a shock!), and feel free to send me a friend request! (Besides, I need some ratings to get a 5 star ranking. *laughs*)
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