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Del Taco is being sold to Sagittarius Brands, parent company of… - Sam's Journal

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February 3rd, 2006

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04:56 pm
Del Taco is being sold to Sagittarius Brands, parent company of Captain D's.

While waiting to have my car serviced, I saw an article in the paper about this purchase. Supposedly they will be doing "combo" stores (like Carl's Jr & The Green Burrito) that feature both menus. I can still remember the advertising tagline for Captain D's - "The Great Little Seafood Place." My family didn't eat there often; the closest one I can think of was an hour away, and there was a local Long John Silver's. Still I find myself hoping that some of those "combo" stores end up in Orange County, just out of pure nostalgia.
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Date:February 4th, 2006 01:10 am (UTC)
Captain D's, please. ;) I vaguely remember that from my days as a hostage in Mizery. :p Don't think I've ever been to one, but I'll presume they're like a LJS.

I thought the LJS/KFC the other day was strange, but it works I guess. LJS was not out here when I was a kid.

Speaking of food... is it 6pm yet? I'm hungry.

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