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The Wood Does Not Belong In The Road

As I left work today, there was a large pile of wood in the intersection where I leave the parking lot. It's a relatively busy street, but only one lane each way with a center turning lane. The wood was fully deposited in said turning lane. It was a neat stack of wood, tightly banded together. Really odd.

So I looked to my left, and I saw a vehicle that reminded me of a coworker's vehicle. But it was turning out of the wrong parking lot. But then I looked at the truck. And the driver. And it was my coworker. And he pulled up ahead of the pile of wood and started backing up toward it.

He lost a load of wood out of the back of his truck as he pulled onto the road. The lumber was too long to fit in his truck with the tailgate up, so...

Being a nice person, I pulled my car back into a semi-parked position, got out, and dodged a little bit of traffic to help him re-load his lumber. Three other people stopped to help as well. I believe one of them recognized my co-worker, but the other two were people who just decided to help.

It can be very nice living in a smallish community. (Of course, the valley has ~200,000 people. But the City of Salem has only 25,000 or so residents.)

My schedule for heading home was a bit delayed, but Lis didn't seem to mind. I had to run by the grocery store to get some drinks (Hawaiian Punch and vanilla Coke), and decided to go out of my way to try and find some raspberry lemonade. The mission was successful, and we have a gallon or so of the lemonade in our fridge. It seems that only Kroger's carries the raspberry lemonade, and it's been hard to find lately; I hope they aren't just running out their stocks and dropping the product.

It's Turkey Hill raspberry lemonade. I find it funny, because Lis had never heard of a Turkey Hill before. I remember them from around Reading, Pennsylvania, where two aunts (on my mother's side) live and my mom grew up. If I remember correctly, Turkey Hills are sorta like 7-11 stores. I just remember going by there to pick up little things when we were visiting family. But here in Virginia, and West Virginia where I grew up, I have never seen a Turkey Hill store. I wonder if Kroger owns Turkey Hill.... Hmmm....

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