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How's this week been?

Well, on Wednesday I was checking my e-mail and I had a notice that my direct rent debit was bounced for insufficient funds. Turns out I had missed a withdrawal in my checkbook register and ended up being about $20 short in the account. So this resulted in a visit to the office, where they didn't even know about the bounce yet. (The debit is scheduled for the 2nd, so 3 business days had already passed...)

The upshot about catching it before the office, though, is that I was able to get a cashier's check (in the lease, any post-bounce payment must be 'guaranteed funds') to me and turned into the office today - still before they have gotten the bounce notice for the EFT. So basically I should have just saved myself the "your rent debit bounced" nastygram, but it definitely makes me feel stupid to have a mistake like that.

DVRs are wonderful things; mine picked up Virginia Tech's ACC basketball tournament game, which I got to watch after work yesterday. It didn't get the very end of the game, and it was a close game with 2 minutes left when I hit the end of the recording. I think it was saving me from the painful part - by the final score, it just went wrong for VT after that point. *laughs* I wonder - do Cox DVRs have peril-sensitive recording timers? *laughs*

I've been productive at work; I didn't quite make the schedule we were all shooting for, but then no one else is closer to their schedule than I. A lot of my time the past few days has been working on getting the right equipment on my desk for development and testing. It wasn't until this morning, though, that I got the final bit of equipment I needed, but at least it got done this week.

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