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Cow-orkers (And Why I Am Such A Stuck-Up Prick) - Sam's Journal

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August 21st, 2002

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07:19 pm - Cow-orkers (And Why I Am Such A Stuck-Up Prick)
I feel that I am a competent programmer. I try to keep up with developments in the languages. I can deal with object-oriented programming, and can feel my way around the Standard Template Library. I want to learn new things, especially when I might be able to use the knowledge in the here-and-now.

One of my co-workers, however, does not seem to have a similar interest. But he has no problems attempting to copy-paste my code, and then griping to me when his copy-paste wouldn't compile.

(Geek moment: we have an in-house foundation library for our applications. Part of this library is a subject/observer object pattern implementation. Many of our foundation classes support the subject interface, for notification on changes. In some of my code, I added a multiple inheritance for the observer class so that I could watch other setups and react appropriately on their changes. My co-worker was attempting to apply a similar solution to another problem.)

Of course, he had forgotten to add the correct inheritance to his class. He didn't seem to understand what was going on, and then said, "Well, I don't know C++ at all."

Ummm... 90% of our project is C++. Over 90% of the code you have written for this project is C++. You don't know C++? In the year you have been on this project, you haven't learned C++?

And then I think back to a lot of the errors I have fixed in his code... and many of them feel like copy-paste errors. Because he wasn't the first programmer on the project. There would have been code around for him to copy.

Incompentace really pisses me of. You're being PAID to program, maybe (just maybe) you should try to learn a little bit about the tools you're using?
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