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No Rules, Just Right

I think I scared Dee yesterday.

I've been watching some of the NCAA tournament still, even though my bracket is done. The early Sunday game was George Mason University (a relatively small school located just outside of Washington, DC) versus the University of Connecticut, and the game was in Washington, DC. There were a lot of GMU fans in the stands, and you could hear it.

Dee could hear it, too, as I found myself bitching and complaining about the refs like I usually do when I watch Virginia Tech games. Most non-VT games I can just sit back and watch and go "oh well" about what I thought were bad calls. I became a George Mason fan, and I think that's going to hold out through the finals.

Fox Sports has a nice article on the GMU run.
The night before every postseason game, Jim Larranaga has taken his Patriots to Outback Steakhouse. Unbeknownst to coach, however, the players were taking in more than filet mignons and bloomin' onions. Jai Lewis and Lamar Butler were also internalizing the restaurant's popular slogan.

One of the best parts of the broadcast was a cut shot to the stands; someone was holding up a "Cinderella slipper." There was some rumbling on Selection Sunday when so many at-large bids went to non-major conference teams like GMU; I think they wiped away a lot of the possible hindsight complaints about the bracket on Sunday.
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