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After having the sickies last week, I told Dee that we'd plan on going out to eat a few times this week. Tonight we decided to head down to Costa Mesa for I Love Sushi. It was a bit busier than I expected for a Thursday evening, but still it only took ten or fifteen minutes until we had two seats at the sushi bar.

Two guys were seated to our left, and then a third person arrived to sit with them, leaving them one seat short. Then two people to our right left, and we moved down to make room for them. They then seated a single to our right, and I started making a little small talk with him.

A while later, the guy to my right started talking with someone behind the bar - the owner of the restaurant, Wayne. And I just listened in, and Wayne was looking at me at times it seemed, so I joined in when I had something to say - something that I rarely do, but I'm so glad I did. We talked about what sushi we like, and I was able to explain some sushi jargon to our bar friend! Wayne told us how to tell the good sushi bars from the bad, and I found out that I Love Sushi gets some of the best fish in Orange County because they're such a busy restaurant. After a while, Wayne even gave us a little service bottle of hot sake on the house and toasted us!

I ended up trying a new item recommended by the guy to my right - a broiled "sea bass" appetizer marinated in miso, which was very good! Wayne mentioned that it's called "butter fish" because of its texture, and I had to agree with that. And since it was cooked, Dee gave it a try as well. Our bar friend also offered me a piece of his custom maki roll - crab salad, avocado, tuna, and cream cheese! It was a very different texture for me, but it was tasty.

After dinner, we had just enough time left to go to Best Buy and do some binge purchasing! Well, I wanted to go to pick up Rumble Roses XX, and of course a few other things made it into our bag. Now it's time to break out the game! :-)

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