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Vacation Hangover

It's not that I really wanted to stay on vacation, it's just that I didn't really want to go back to work yet. I guess after a week of work, the hangover's finally over, heh.

I had a chance to see my Aunt Joann and Uncle Donald during the trip, too. They came over to the beach on Friday to visit. Actually, I should say I had a chance to meet my Uncle Donald for the first time that I can remember; according to my mom, I haven't seen Donald since I was 4 or so.

I ended up "showing off" my DDR skills, LOL. My cousins' kids brought a PS2 & two DDR dance pads, and I ended up playing that with the kids. They were a bit surprised that I could win songs at the higher difficultly levels - they were always playing on Light mix.

I'm sure I'll add more in the future, when I think of how to tell the story without confusing you!

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