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School Pride - Sam's Journal

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July 10th, 2006

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11:14 pm - School Pride
A player from Virginia Tech's softball team made the USA World University Games team. I found out about this through a co-worker, who forwarded me a link to her travel journal run by the Virginia Tech sports department. Hey, I'm glad to see that a non-revenue sport athlete is getting that attention now, too.

I saw Tincher warming up starting in the 2nd inning. I went down and watched, trying to get into "faint eyeshot" so that she might happen to see that, yes, a crazy Hokie alum showed up for her game. I had to chuckle, though, as there were two plates in the warmup pen; one was white, but Tincher was throwing to an orange one. (Background: Virginia Tech's colors are maroon and orange.) I don't know for sure that she noticed, but I didn't want to be obnoxious.

When Tincher came into the game, pitching in relief in the 3rd inning, I guess I started to cheer a bit more. A man sitting in front of us turned and asked if we were there for the pitcher. This man was wearing a University of Virginia hat, and Dee and I were in Virginia Tech t-shirts and hats. He commented on there not being that many Hokies out here (although, honestly, I'm amazed by how many Tech-adorned cars there are), and I replied there aren't that many Cavaliers (UVa's sports mascot) either. We both chuckled.
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