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Customer (Dis)Service

I have what I feel is a very peculiar opinion on what "good customer service" is. I think that a lot of that opinion was instilled in me during my two summers working at McDonald's. Oddly enough, though, today it was a McDonald's (again) that got on my nerves.

I stopped there to get some breakfast on the way to work. I ordered a combo with an orange juice to drink, but was told that the machine was broken. They asked if I wanted a different drink, and I passed. The combo was still on the order check board, total of $3.23, when they told me to pull around.

When I got to the payment window, they wanted a bit over $4. I understand that they wanted to change everything over to "full price," but you should have done that BEFORE you told me to pull around. I complained, and opted not to buy anything. I asked for, and received, the phone number of their management office, who I called after I got to work.

They were a bit better, in that they agreed with me that it was the drive-through cashier's mistake to have me pull around and then change the total on me. They didn't actually say that they should have honored the price, though, but they said the incident would be reported to the store's supervisor for review.

Of course, I basically expect nothing will come of this. They took no information from me, and therefore have little incentive to make any corrections. Therefore it's not just the one location that's a problem, but all the locations owned by this franchiser. So now I have to decide, is this annoying enough to me to justify avoiding them in the future?

Probably not; that McDonald's is just too damn convenient.

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