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On Oil - Sam's Journal

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July 19th, 2006

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09:11 pm - On Oil
Personal Political Rant:

I feel that American consumption of oil is a direct contributor to funding of terrorist activities throughout the world. Not much of it, though. But the sheer amount of oil that is used throughout the world today makes even the smallest diversion of funds what I expect is a sizable amount of money, millions could just get "lost" through the systems. Look at American companies, how our executives are willing to screw over the company and investors for themselves? Perhaps those in the Middle East simply steal from their companies to pay for terrorism?

I'm not saying this is true. I am not sure if I have facts to back these statements up. But this is what I feel, and is my personal assumption of why the world turns the way it does.

So each time you fill up your car, perhaps a penny of it hands up in the hands of terrorists. Not much, but when they get it from all of the oil sales, all over the world... Gas has gone up in price, and it feels like the amount of terrorism is rising as well. Coincidence, or cause and effect?

Lately, I've been trying to drive for fuel efficiency, accelerating slowly (keeping the engine under 3,000 rpm), and when I can tell that I'm going to stop in a distance, putting the automatic transmission into neutral and letting the car coast, slowing slowly with the brakes. I've gone from about a 21 mpg average to 23 mpg. Hey, it's not much... but, the less we can each contribute, simply by adjusting our habits to get more from our gas, the more I think it would be good to do it. Just try to be a bit gentler on the gas pedal.
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Date:July 20th, 2006 08:27 pm (UTC)
"The most simplistic way of putting it is that at $55/barrel, the Arab world can afford to wage one guerilla war against the US, and at $75/barrel, they can afford to wage two."
-Stirling Newberry

I guess you weren't paying attention to those informative anti-drug ads in 2003. Buying marijuana funds terrorism; buying gasoline helps the economy. Here's a few hundred dollars of tax-break cash. Aren't you happy?

Thanks for adjusting your gasoline consumption behavior. It is nice of you to be conscientious about this. In terms of progressive behavior, I've got to hand it to Mely as well, who walks or takes public transportation to almost everything she does now. The lesson of $3 gas reminds me of the old economics lesson of mythical $10 salt...apparently as a society we still gobble it up. There are numerous ways to curb our country's demand on oil (not just for fuel...although many proposals target this), and many of them can be ramped-up in the near term. It's no longer merely a question of profitable/achievable...there are some very bad guys with very big wallets and very specific interests blocking progress along these lines. It would be nice to see an informed public make good choices that undermine their power. But then again, that requires an informed public.

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