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Do Saturn owners congregate at Chick-fil-a?

Based on my drive-thru experience this morning, it must be true. The cars ahead of & behind me were both Saturns as well. They didn't get my order right at the sqawk box, but they were really good at getting it fixed at the window. I had asked for a combo, but they only gave me a total and sent me around. The total seemed low, but then I didn't know how much "extra" OJ was than coffee. At the window, they repeated my order and I found out they had only rung up the item & drink. A quick fix later, and all was well.

We were off to an early start this morning, first taking Dee to the vampires (aka went to have her monthly blood tests) and then stopping off to hire a killer (aka requested an exterminator visit at the apartment's office) before my Chick-fil-a run. I ended up only about 20 minutes "late" to work, although I doubt anyone noticed.

At lunch, I'm going to go get cursed (pick up our framed Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie poster), while hopefully not cursing too much about the traffic (so I'll watch the online traffic reports to try and pick a good time).

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