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Stupid Cars

My car's engine has been overheating lately. Right now, it seems that I've identified two issues: there is a slow coolant leak, and the (electric) radiator fan appears to be dead. The coolant leak is easy enough to work around - weekly coolant top-offs - but the dead fan is troublesome. If I'm in slow or stop-and-go traffic with warm weather, the car could overheat. For instance, just driving at 13 MPH through the Disney parking garage almost put the car into shutdown; it was "smoking" (it was just steam, but still) by the time we parked, eeek.

So now I need to either take it to the dealership for repair or find a separate mechanic. Given the dealership nearby, I'm leaning toward independent mechanic. I dislike decisions like this, because I don't know how to choose well but I'm going to have to choose anyway. *sigh* But, then, at least it doesn't appear that I've caused any major damage to the engine in the time that the fan's been dead.

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