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Today was service day for the car. Actually, it's still service day,… - Sam's Journal

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September 7th, 2006

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03:18 pm
Today was service day for the car. Actually, it's still service day, since the car is still at the shop. Around Noon I got a call with the verdicts from the checks they did: dead radiator fan, warped sunroof track, and the passenger side seatbelt is "OK". I debated the sunroof repair for a bit, since it's over a grand, but in the end... damnit, I like having a sunroof - it makes the "basic" car seem more exotic to me, since my family never had a car with a sunroof.

Between the regular service that I needed, and those repairs, it will come to a bit over two large. *sigh* But, then, at least my car should be in working order again... for 3,000 miles.

I found someone at work to give me ride to the dealer around 6pm to pick it up; they think it'll be done by 5pm and will call if it is, but they close at 7pm so I have to get there at 6:30ish... if I have to wait for my car, well, I can wait there just as well as here. *laughs*
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Date:September 7th, 2006 10:42 pm (UTC)
I really need to use my sun/moonroof more. I forget it's there a lot of time and it really is nifty. A few years ago my brother was driving down the 101 and his went flying off, so I know how expensive they can be.

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