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Weekend? What Weekend?

I guess the official release crunch is now on. On Thursday, the VP of Engineering "asked" us to work weekends until our release is complete. We're already a week behind the schedule that was set by Marketing edict; gosh, I wonder why we're behind schedule?

So that means I'm going in today as well. Yesterday we wrapped up a build that had all test blockers "fixed", but there's still a nice pile of other bugs to address. Bugs, mind you, that have been in every single release of our code until now, bugs that weren't specifically added to this release, but that people now insist are "must fixes" for the release.

There are many little aggravations in this release; for me, one of them is the (lack of) bug tracking process. It's not that we don't track bugs, bug I dislike HOW it is being done. One observed defect = one bug, to me. But our testers love to load a single bug report with 4 or 5 different "issues", which are often entirely different issues. It's just something that I think makes the development team's job harder.

Now to forget about work for a little while longer...

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