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Unexpected Things

Yesterday while channel surfing, I noticed that one of the "Music Choice" channels on my digital cable box showed up in the program guide. I have turned them all off, because I didn't subscribe to the Music Choice option. Well, I decided to try turning to that channel, and it worked... and I tried a few other Music Choice channels, and they all worked. So I was a little freaked, wondering if Cox (the cable company) was charging me for this...

Actually, turns out that they've changed digital cable a bit, and that the Music Choice channels are now "basic" digital cable service. Not bad.

And today, at work, we got an e-mail saying that bonuses are coming to us on Friday! So that'll rock a little.. Dunno if I'll be a good boy (save some, put some extra towards student loans) or a bad boy (a little savings, a little towards loans, and a couple new toys).

Actually, I know what I'll do. And I'm hoping Lis will help talk me out of it. It would be nice to throw some extra money at the loans & charge cards. Right now, I'm paying off a kitchen table that we got during a "6 months same as cash" thing, well mostly because it was a floor model at a good price. Also still paying off a similar same-as-cash thing on one of the desktop computers. It woudl be nice to just get some of that stuff paid off...

Not that I let that stop my charge cards. No, I get more toys that I really should. But it's one of my weaknesses. It's a habit that will take a lot of work to break. If I can even break it at all...

Work... let's see... work was so-so. The morning was spent doing pseudo-I.T. stuff. (Moving a license server app from someone's extra desktop system and putting it on the server where it belongs... of course, when the new server came up a long time back, I had asked them if there were any licenses that needed moved... ARGH!) The afternoon was spent doing Auditing, the most boring task ever. And to top it off, my audit team includes my boss's boss. What fun.

The evening was better. A quickie dinner out, stopping for groceries on the way back. Some strawberry milk for Lis, and stuff to cook for dinner Tuesday and Wednesday.

Of cousre, then I got into chat.

Lux has her fans (me! me! me!) and her detractors. And I was stuck in the room during what felt like a Lux-bashing session (of course, there were only three people there, and only one was complaining about Lux, so...).

There's a part of me that sees Lux as a kindred spirit. Someone who has similar thoughts, feelings... I dunno, I think I empathize too easily at times. I mean, look at yesterday's second entry... I don't know why, but I feel in tune with so many of the things she posts.

But then... am I feeling that way and agreeing, or reading something and saying I can feel that way? I don't think I've ever really done anything major by myself...

When I went for Summer Orientation for college, there was a girl in my orientation group that proudly proclaimed herself as a bisexual to the group. There was a part of me, I believe, that wanted to shout out as well. But, then, I hadn't even kissed a girl at that time...

Then, I didn't come out to Kermit first... nope, she came out ot me first and then I told her my feelings. Which were a mirror of hers at the time.

I guess I don't mirror everyone's feelings though. Like the person who was complaining about Lux. But then, was I not agreeing with that person because of their argument/statement, or because of my previous opinion/empathy with Lux?

Would I take a similar side for someone else? Maybe that's the important question. I would like to think I would, but I can't be sure... I'm somewhat of a "to each their own, so long as they don't blow smoke at me."

But then, if I'm posting publically, then I am blowing smoke back at them?

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