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I'm not used to the cable company wanting to come by early, but… - Sam's Journal

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September 26th, 2006

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05:19 pm
I'm not used to the cable company wanting to come by early, but that's what happened today. Last Thursday (I think) I called Cox to arrange a CableCARD install for my new TiVo Series 3 box. The appointment window was between 4pm and 6pm today, but Dee got a call around 2pm asking if they could come by early.

I jetted home, so that I could 'watch' the installer deal with the TiVo and fix anything that I thought was 'wrong'. In the end, though, our installer was great. The salesperson who took the order, though, listed me as needing only 1 CableCARD - the TiVo uses 2, and I told them as much. The installer, though, mentioned that he expected a TiVo install when he saw a CableCARD install and a DVR pick-up, so he brought two CableCARDs with him.

After installing the cards in my box, he then had to call someone (I presume in network operations) to 'authorize' the cards & my TiVo. That took a total of four calls. First, the tech called in to activate cards, but on the first call they could only take info from one of the two cards. The tech was then called back for the second card's info. The second card didn't get activated for Showtime, so the tech called back to get that fixed. We gave it some time, but it still didn't get fixed. The tech called back again, but this time seemed to get someone that he knew. A few more minutes and it was all done.

Minus one cable company DVR. Plus one digital cable connected TiVo. Yay!
Current Mood: giddygiddy

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Date:September 27th, 2006 04:26 am (UTC)
Hi, I run tivolovers. Glad the CableCARD install went so smoothly. That's been the sticking point for most installs.

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