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I feel sorry - REALLY sorry - for anyone who's pre-ordered a PS3 or Wii from GameStop. Here's why.

I placed a pre-order for "Dead or Alive Xtreme 2" a few months ago. Last night, I got my "your game will be available for pickup tomorrow" call. So I planned on a late lunch (2pm) to go pick up the game.

I was there around 2:15, but they were still unpacking their delivery. While I was asking about my game, one person I saw was unpacking Xbox360 controllers and putting price stickers on. That person said they hadn't found the box with that game yet. So rather than focusing on the boxes with pre-ordered games, they were just unpacking everything in whatever order they went in.

I went back around 2:50 and picked up my game; another employee, with a "manager" name tag, was there and finished my purchase. Well, eventually finished my purchase. At first, he asked one employee where the pre-orders were. That employee gave one answer, and a second one chimed in that the games weren't there. The manager asked the second employee to get the game, but the first employee said the second was "off the clock." So the manager walked TO THE OTHER END OF THE COUNTER to grab my game.

So, as I said, I feel sorry for anyone who's pre-ordered a game system. Hopefully they're saving up their energy for the launch days. (Yeah right.)

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