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The New Me - Sam's Journal

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September 20th, 2002

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09:12 pm - The New Me
So I had a check-up on Wednesday and got scolded by my doctor about my weight. So I'm starting to do some treadmill walking each evening. Tonight was #3 in a row. 37ish minutes for 1.8 miles. The target the doctor suggested was 30-45 minutes for 2 miles. My legs were just aching too much at 1 3/4... but yesterday I only managed 1 1/3. So, possibly, I might hit 2 miles tomorrow. We'll see.

(For the incurably curious , the doctor suggested a weight loss of 1 lb. per month. So if I'm down 12 lbs. next year, that'll be an accomplishment. But we'll see...)
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

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