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The company is running on a skeleton crew today, so someone downstairs arranged for us to go over to K1Speed for a lunchtime kart race. Actually, there were enough of us that we all couldn't race at once, so we ended up split among three different races.

The races were "best single lap time" events rather than position events, so we were able to compare times across races. I was in the second of three races and put up a best lap time of 23.76 seconds; this was good for 2nd in my race, but number 1 and numbers 3 & 4 were non-Zetera people. The closest company competitor in my race had a lap time of 25.44 seconds.

I wasn't the company champion, however, as someone posted a 23.44 second lap in the first race. The third race posted some of the slowest times, but then another co-worker actually crashed out of that race as well - he crashed into the safety barrier and ended up having part of it land on his hand.

A few people had asked me before the race if I was going to end up being a "ringer" in it as well. I've been getting a bit of that since winning the poker tournament, so I'm glad that someone else edged me out for fastest time.

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