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Still.. - Sam's Journal

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May 11th, 2007

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05:12 pm - Still..
Was browsing the Tech Sideline message boards, and found a link to a blog about the recovery of one of the injured students from April 16th. It appears to be posted by his mom, according to information on Tech Sideline.

I was fine until I read the May 8th update... and how they want to make sure he doesn't "blow his chances of Mack and Manco's Pizza this summer.".

To me, Mack and Manco's is a family-owned pizza place (well, multiple locations) in Ocean City, NJ that I love too, and part of what I enjoy about joining in on the "family vacation" for my mom's side of the family. The injured student is from New Jersey, so I expect that this is the same Mack and Manco's.

I really hope he does get to have some Mack and Manco's this summer.
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