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Has it really been that long since my last post? Gessh... Deja vu.… - Sam's Journal

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December 8th, 2002

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11:02 am
Has it really been that long since my last post? Gessh...

Deja vu.

Okay, what has happened since my last post... my company had a Thanksgiving luncheon the Friday before Thanksgiving. After lunch, we all went to a bar (Corned Beef & Co) and played pool, darts, and some other games until 5ish. As I was getting ready to leave, a co-worker (Clint) asked me about video games and such and I mentioned the Xbox Live kit I had gotten. "You've got an Xbox?" he asked. Turns out my two Xbox controllers were just what he was needing to finish out his plans for a gaming night that evening of 9 people playing Halo on two Xboxen. He had arranged for 6 controllers, leaving 2 (of the original 8) idle. But, with me + two controllers, I was in. I felt like I was in college again.

Of course, I had to come home & take Lis out to dinner first as a bribe to let me go play. Well, that, and since we had no groceries at home I didn't really have any other choice. Unless I wanted her to eat cat food, which I didn't. But it was a fun evening, and I found out that I really rocked at playing Halo, to the point where I could school the two "Halo experts" at the party.

Since then, I've been home for Thanksgiving, back for the Virginia Tech-Virginia game (yay Hokies!), and been Christmas shopping. I've taken care of my mom & sister, still don't know what to get for my father, and Lis's gifts are still a work in progress. I keep seeing more and more stuff to get her. Okay, some of the items are DVDs, which I'm sure we'll both watch. But technically, they're Christmas presents for her, which makes it okay.

The credit card bills got a little out of hand for November. I still need to go back and check everything, but getting a new TiVo (and giving the old one to Lis's mom) had something to do with it I'm sure ($400 + $250 service, ouch). Yesterday, we went to Best Buy to get some more gifts (for my sister & things for Lis), and I put it all on Best Buy's "No Interest for 6 months" finance plan. I'm terrible.

And, the final tidbit from yesterday, is that I finally got Lis to go with me to Sake House (japanese restaurant) for dinner, and she tried the Ebi (shrimp) sushi. She liked the udon (noodle) item, although next time (if there is a next time) we need to remember to ask for it without onions.

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