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One down, thirteen to go...

Today's 17-7 win against the East Carolina Pirates wasn't the beauty that many Hokies were hoping for, but it's better than being a Michigan fan tonight. The team will need to perform much better next week to have a chance against LSU, but it was reassuring to me that the team didn't melt down when ECU got an early 7-3 lead.

At the end of the pregame show, Lee Corso put on a t-shirt with a quote of his own, from 2001: "I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them." That quote was originally meant as a funny line after Corso's rental car got hit by lightning in Blacksburg, but it meant a lot more to me today.

I've got a lot of kudos for ESPN. I don't remember them as being part of the 'swarm the campus' crowd in April. It wasn't a time they should've been there, anyway. But today, this was their time to be there, and I think they did a very good job with their coverage, at least from a Hokie point of view.

I'm quite happy, though, that there's something more significant in the college football world tonight than Virginia Tech's first football game since the shootings.

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