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Fires - Sam's Journal

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October 22nd, 2007

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08:59 am - Fires
Traffic on the 5 was slow in Irvine, but everything started picking up south of the 405 merge. It was clear driving the rest of the way down to Carlsbad, but I could see the San Diego smoke plume as I drove in to work.

I'm at work now, and I'm just the second person here. Most of the other employees seem to be taking care of fire issues close to their homes, or staying home in case evacuation is necessary. I'm not expecting the office to get many more people in it today, though it sounds like one person (who's on the phone with the other person here) may be coming in to pick up materials.

I'm not sure how far away the fires are from here, but I don't smell much smoke in the air. I could just be desensitized to the smoke scent, too.
Current Mood: curiousconcerned

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