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Back to the Grind

I had a great trip to see my family, including my 5-month-old niece, for Thanksgiving. We flew home on Saturday, but our bags didn't make the trip with us. *sigh* Fortunately, though, our bags were delivered on Sunday - around 10pm. *double sigh* And then the 'baggage delivery' people insisted that I had to carry my bags up from their vehicle, so I had to wake up (having fallen asleep on the couch) to retrieve the bags.

We didn't open them last night, but this morning I was able to confirm that two large bags of pecan tarts (that my mom had sent with us) had survived the trip, so that was a minor bright spot in all of it.

This morning I got up at my normal alarm time and took a drive over to the vet's office with Dee (stopping at a drive-thru for breakfast for us on the way) to retrieve the cats. This time, though, they needed us to come back to the boarding area to get Peanut out of her cage. It sounded like Peanut was being unfriendly towards the staff. *sigh* Of course, I opened the cage and Peanut seemed very happy to have me picking her up, and she didn't fight getting into the carrier.

Well the kitties were home around 7:45am, and I stayed home for a bit to give Peanut some attention before running off to work. So I got into work a little later than usual, but I'll leave at my regular time anyway. *snicker* Oooh, the 15 minutes will be a killer, I'm sure.

I'd rather be home and slacking off. But it was much better to have the extra day to prep for the trip, rather than to recover today. That doesn't mean I won't bitch about being back to the grind today, heh.

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