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The weekend was cool. I played a lot of games, hung out online a bit, got presents wrapped, and cleaned up the apartment a bit.

I think the biggest thing this weekend was a conversation w/ Lis regarding the apartment. The service here has been going downhill recently, at least in my opinion. The staff was absolutely amazing when we first moved in, but that staff is completely gone now, and the replacements just aren't as good. They're still a good apartment complex staff, but I want the amazing staff back. So I chatted with Lis about maybe actually buying a house, something small and manageable for a couple. I think she's for it because it would let us get more kitties -- we're limited to two by the apartment complex, and those slots are filled.

Anyway, I wonder how much time it really takes to buy a house. My lease is up mid-May. I also wonder how well I'd do for a house loan considiring I still have all my student loands and a car loan for another year... I guess it can't hurt to find out?

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