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Hokie Football Ramblings - Sam's Journal

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August 30th, 2008

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12:12 pm - Hokie Football Ramblings
First off, congratulations to the East Carolina Pirates. I think they just gave every other Hokie opponent a playbook on how to beat our team this year. And shown that BeamerBall, by itself, isn't a lock to win a game. It probably shouldn't have been as close as it was, but I'll take it! The big question for those Pirates is if they can do it again next week against the Mountaineers....

And now I wonder how the coaching staff & team will respond to this. Early reaction on the main board I check (TechSideline) is calling for our offensive coordinator to be replaced, and lamenting the poor performance of our 5th-year (aka redshirt senior) quarterback. The program has a 'phenom' waiting in the wings, who didn't redshirt last year because the redshirt junior quarterback was struggling. The coach wanted to redshirt him this year, but after today's performance the TV commentators are calling for him to play.

I'm agreeing with the commentators. The way I remember it, Michael Vick was a redshirt freshman (aka 2nd year in program) with a new group of receivers and a mediocre running back, but it changes how defenses have to cover your team. That gives everyone else just a little bit more opportunity to do something game-changing. And it worked in 1999, although that team had a solid, veteran defense. With the current quarterback, we just don't have it. That QB can be good when his accuracy is there, but it's hit and miss and (right now) it's missing. And the pattern has been that it's miss when he's the clear #1, but hit when there's competition. If the new 'phenom' can live up to his billing, there is the chance that this season becomes, "Why didn't we play him the first game so we'd be undefeated?"

I think the board people have a point, though, about the offensive coordinator's performance. As a fan, it seems that we do not have an offense that takes creative use of the talents available. I think Ricky Bustle (the coordinator for Vick's run) was much better in that regard. The current coordinator was on staff then, and may be great as a position coach, but I think a new coordinator would be a great change to have been made over the off-season. I don't know that making that change right now will help the team at all, though. The most I would predict is that the head coach may give much more direction on game strategy et al and provide less free reign.
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Date:August 30th, 2008 10:13 pm (UTC)
I also watched that game, and agree the ECU gave a clinic on how to beat the Hokies.

I disagree with calls to play Taylor. If you look at where the rest of Tech's team is, we are starting true freshmen and sophomores because we lost 14 starters - including pretty much every wide receiver and linebacker. Much as it pains me to admit it, I suspect this year will be focused on rebuilding. When rebuilding, a team needs some clear leaders, and a 5th year senior QB can provide that.

Reshirt Taylor, and when he comes in next year, he'll have an experienced offense, including a solid corps of receivers.

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