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Hokie Football Ramblings

After a game against I-AA Furman, there's not a lot to talk about as I didn't see the game or listen to any coverage. Since I didn't see the game, I really don't know what happened. I expected Furman to be held to 7 points, but I also expected the Hokies to score more than 24. Next week's game is the first ACC tilt of the season, so hopefully it was enough of a tune-up.

The best news from the weekend, though, was ECU's defeat of WVU. First off, it seems every college football writer will now reference WVU along with ECU, and might also mention Virginia Tech. It doesn't make it better that the Hokies lost the opener, but at least the 'eers can't harass any Hokies much about it. (This is most important because my sister went to WVU...)

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