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West Virginia - Sam's Journal

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December 23rd, 2002

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10:01 pm - West Virginia
Okay, so we're home in WV. I'm already remembering why I go crazy during holidays with my family.

My sister graduated from college, and is moving back home in hopes of finding a job in the area. She was still setting her room up when we arrived home--my dad had already been driven up a tree! Well... he was up in a tree trying to mount her DirectTV dish so she can use her service (we've always had cable at my parent's home).

But my sister can't really make up her mind. It drives me crazy, I think, because I feel that she wants someone else to make the decision. We (lisana and I) got my sister a printer for Christmas. Then, she complained about not getting any graduation presents, so we decided to get her a little Palm Pilot for graduation. Today, I told her she could open whichever one she wanted, but she didn't want to decide. And it's just annoying!

Anyway, we're online now, so things are getting better :-).
Current Mood: crazycrazy

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