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Why is it...

...that parents want to see things I'm doing on the computer?

My mom asked to see The Sims Online yesterday. So, today, I hopped in and showed it to her. This was quite annoying to me.

I find it a bit hard to put into words exactly why this was annoying, but I will try. My mom read an article in Newsweek that had a bit on The Sims Online. So it appears that she had a notion of how the game worked. It wasn't even close to the right notion.

So I go into my property on Alphaville. "Where are all the people at?" or some similar question. Okay, so go to another house. (I can't go to a busy house, because the modem connection isn't quite fast enough to keep up.) "So why aren't people talking?" "Can you do anything other than that to earn money?" "You don't have to tell them what I'm saying!" etc etc


Of course, while I'm here doing that with my mom, my dad comes in the room. So now we have a grand family encounter of my dad complaining about computer printers and asking why my sister's printer died after just a year. Well... honestly, I'd say it's because my sister was involved with it :^), but I told him that it probably just was a cheapie printer.

Anyway... I'm going to let Lis surf some now. I need to distract myself before I go install a foot in a wall somewhere...

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