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Obligatory Chrstimas Entry - Sam's Journal

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December 25th, 2002

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01:40 pm - Obligatory Chrstimas Entry
Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

The madness started at 9am. By 10am, there was chaos everywhere: a blanket of ripped paper and bows, open boxes, and happy conversations as everyone looked at their presents and show them to others. I spent my morning with my parents, sister, and Lisana. My family has never had a large get-together on Christmas. I always thought that more people would make it more interesting... perhaps some year I might have to try to get a ton of people together.

(Evil non-yuletide side of me says that this group might not include my biological family. But I'm sure these thoughts will pass in a few days, as they do every year.)

My main reason for even being near a computer right now is to rip myself a copy of one of the gifts my sister received from my mom. Of course, now I'm in front of the computer and away from my parents, and I'm taking the time to write. It is peaceful is my room right now, just the computer making normal computer sounds as the CD rips, and the sounds of my fingers typing away. Peace.

Yesterday there was no snow on the ground. When I woke up around 8am this morning, there was a light dusting, and the snow has continued to fall. I ran outside with my camera and snapped a few pictures of the house, and of some of the other houses nearby. I also took some video of the Christmas Chaos, and just finished taping my mom's poodle (Cocoa) outside, rolling around in the snow. Part of me is thinking about posting some pictures of our day online...

Okay, aggravating sister comment coming: So, we're sitting at the table having finished lunch. My sister and I get into it a bit, and I comment that I was doing just fine until she was born. To which, she retorts, "Well, mom wasn't planning to have you. They planned to have me." And my mom just sorta turned white.

My parents were married in May. I was born in March of the following year, less that 10 months later. But my mom always said I was born late... and so I wonder. But my mom declared that she had wanted to have kids, but didn't bring it up with my dad, and getting pregnant just sorta put what she wanted in place. I don't know what's the real story here. Truth is a three-edged sword.

So this is my day so far. I'm not sure how it is going to end. All I know is that I can't head home today as I had thought about yesterday, because of the snow outside. Hopefully it will clear up and I can head home tomorrow.
Current Mood: uncertain

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