It's The End Of The World As We Know It

I mean, if a government "shelter in place" order isn't enough to get me to update my journal, what is?

Well, it's the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak and trying to avoid getting COVID-19. Last Friday, my company decided to ask most people to work from home, a few days after other companies in the Bay Area had already done the same. Then there was a county-level Shelter In Place order that went into effect a few days ago, and today a statewide order for California appears to be going into effect.

Pandemic... there's studying them, and then there's living in one. At least the Internet is now considered an essential utility.

I did go out to the store yesterday to restock my fridge. I had put it off one day, dipping into my freeze-dried camping meal stash from Burning Man, but decided I should try and save them just in case. (Hoarder mentality?)

The store had a lot of empty shelves; while I'm accustomed to my favorite sweet tea in the refrigerator case being out of stock, there were empty shelves in bread, milk, and eggs, and a lot of bare spots in other places. But still, found some salads, frozen/microwave entrees, frozen meal kits, and other supplies. The biggest "sacrifices" from what I might otherwise have picked up was getting "mini-bagels" as regular bagels were sold out, and getting some Coffee-Mate instead of the sold-out half & half.

Work is still plodding along, as laptops are now the standard system for everyone, and we have VPN and video conferencing systems to use. Which also means having to get "dressed" for work, because the higher-ups want us to enable our web cams. But, dang, that makes it harder to goof off during a phone conference....

Now let's see if I think to update this any more....


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