Sam (jevim) wrote,

The hat trick!

In the end, this was a good day. My sister might have gotten on my nerves at lunch, but I can't really say that it took away from today that much. It snowed. We exchanged presents. I was able to escape when I got aggravated. Not too bad.

So I'm sitting in The Sims Online right now, keeping the place open. I just had my first "oh I got this game today" visitor. Of course, they were more interested in running around and looking at everything than just staying on the lot. I did a lot of that when I first created a character in my current city, so I can't say I blame them.

Lisana is about 1/3 though one of her presents, the newest Spyro game. Of course, I let her open it last night so she had something to do while I was getting my TSO fix. Lisana is enjoying this, for she says I finally understand why she plays EverQuest so much: not the game, but the people.

Yes, I am an addict. No one I know is on, yet I'm still in the game... of course, I say it's just because I'm trying to keep the lot open so that we can move up the rankings...

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