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Where I Am and Where I'm Going - Sam's Journal

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December 28th, 2002

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03:19 am - Where I Am and Where I'm Going
I'm a boring person now. I have boring straight-laced friends from work. I don't do much other than sit at home and play games. I rarely touch alcohol.

Am I happy with this? I don't know, because I don't know what the other option is like. Hard to make a good decision when you don't really know about both sides, right?

Until recently, I guess I had a bad assumption that no one in my type of field (software programming) lived a party lifestyle. All the guys in college who were engineers sorta had to stay on the narrow, because there was so much work to do. I guess it was a bad place to draw a sample from. Or at least an imperfect sample.

But I've been getting to know a self-professed raver. And I'm thinking that it's not bad over there. Just having fun, dancing, spending time with friends and acquaintences. Part of me wants to give it a try.

I don't think I can do it from where I'm starting, though. I don't know anyone who can help me make connections, anyone who can guide me into that arena. Well, I know someone, but they're on the wrong edge of the continent. Of course, I have a simple "excuse" for why I might move closer to that person: my fiancee grew up on the other coast.

So I can leave the situation that I have behind and maybe get into a more social environment. Try new things, meet new people. But this adds more questions for me, that I don't think I can answer tonight. Am I simply unhappy with what I have now, and anything is better, or do I like what I have now, but wonder if there is something better?

I don't think I'm unhappy. I don't know that I'm really happy either, though.

But I've already send a few electronic resumes to west-coast places via Monster. We'll see where that goes. Regardless, I think Lisana would like going back to California.
Current Mood: curiouscurious

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Date:December 28th, 2002 02:15 am (UTC)
Self Proclaimed? Nah.. I think the rave scene claimed me! *giggle*

And it's very common for people to be curious about things they don't have. I don't think you're unhappy, from what I've gathered from you and Lis. "^_^"

But if you do get the chance, the rave scene will be accepting of you. It's kind of funny how raving changes so many people's lives and how they view themselves and their surroundings.

And the rave scene isn't about the drugs. As many people seem to believe. It's all about the vibe and good times had by all! We would love to take you to a party sometime, or have you come to one of our house parties! I'm sure you and Lis would love our friends. "^_^"

You have a good heart, and those are the types of people who we love to hang with. Just need to blossom you a bit more. *wink*

TIme for this party kid to hit the hay. hehe. See you soon love! *huggles*

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