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So lisana and I went out for dinner tonight at The Olive Garden. (One of our Christmas presents was a gift card for there.) The first thing that they ask at the table is if you'd like a glass of wine. And, as usual, I said no.

But then I starting thinking why I said no.

The biggest reason I could think of was that I was driving. I've never drank much alcohol, and don't want to be impared and be dangerous on the drive home. I don't know how easily wine might affect me, therefore I just avoid that situation. Only one have I had a drink in a social situation where I knew I'd have to drive within an hour, and that was when they reorganized my group out of existance at work, leaving us without a guarantee of a job. (That was over a year and a half ago, no one was laid off at that time.)

So... if I was in a safe location, where I knew I didn't have to drive, would I be more likely to allow myself to drink? The answer there has typically been no as well. But I don't want to drink by myself, or even just with Lisana. But with a larger group that I trusted? Maybe sometime we'll find out the answer to that beyond my hypothesizing.

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