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Unbelievable - Sam's Journal

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December 31st, 2002

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09:39 pm - Unbelievable
Today, just for grins, I decided to try standing on the digital scale in our bathroom. It goes up to 330 lbs. I have never gotten a measurement off of the thing before, it would just report "ERR" and do no more. I don't know why I thought to try it today.

But I did. And it said 322.0.

No, it didn't. I got off, let it reset, and stood on it again.


In September, I had a check-up with my doctor. His scale put me within a pound of 350. Obviously, the scale is wrong. So Lisana gets on it. And it displayes the weight that Lisana gets measured at during her last check-up.

No, this can't be. I hop back on. 322.0.

Okay, so I do what I went to the bathroom for anyway. Then I come into the computer, and Lisana says, "There's a pair of pants hanging on our bedroom dorr. Don't look at the size, just try putting them on. You don't have to do it right now." Okay, so I went and did it right then. Not snug, easy to zip. A little tight across the tummy when I set, but I slid the waist down a bit and got comfortable sitting on the bed in the jeans. "Those are your old size 48 pants." No way. I've been wearing 54's. I had to get 54's the last time I bought pants to get a comfortable pair.

So I take the pants off and look at the tag. 48. Okay, broken-in size 48 jeans. But a new size 50 might fit.

In three months, I might have lost 25 pounds and 3 or 4 inches around my waist. The doctor said to try and lose one pound a month, and that would be a good achievable pace. But... I've been moving around more (walking some, playing doubles ping-pong, and now playing DDR on a dance pad), and just being smart about eating (mustard instead of mayonaise, eating until I'm not hungry anymore insteal of until I'm full, etcetera).


What a bit of news for New Year's Eve.
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Date:December 31st, 2002 07:18 pm (UTC)

So proud of my baby!

Yes, I could tell you were losing weight. I think you had yourself convinced that the bathroom scale didn't go up past 300, and so that's why you hadn't ever tried weighing on it since we first bought it (at least not that you've told me about). But I knew where you were at your last checkup, fully clothed, and I figured that in the T-shirt and shorts, you were probably at least 5 pounds lighter just due to the lack of shoes, full jeans, shirt, etc.

I had hoped you'd try the scale some time soon, but even I was shocked when you had me come in and see that it was 322. What a great surprise! I knew you'd lost at least ten pounds, and just daily fluctuations and taking off that 'street clothes' weight could drop you down far enough for the scale to work. I would have been thrilled with 330.0 :) I hope it makes you feel good to know how much you've accomplished!

I think I had already filtered your size 52 pants back into the main area that you pull your clothes from without saying (why I wanted to get you 52s, when I was clothes shopping online before Christmas), but when I cleaned the closet a while back, I also hung up those 48's, way off to the right side. I expected them to be fairly snug, and not comfortable sitting, even if they are old and stretched out. Surprised us both again. I think that's a nice way to start the new year.

Now, as long as we can stick with the new habits (I need to stop snacking, too, I do it way too much!), you have no reason at all to worry that you won't have lost the pound a month the doctor suggested, when you go in for a checkup next year.

I know I told you already, but I want to say it in writing too, I'm very proud of you, babe!

*hugs* & *kisses*


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