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Today, just for grins, I decided to try standing on the digital scale in our bathroom. It goes up to 330 lbs. I have never gotten a measurement off of the thing before, it would just report "ERR" and do no more. I don't know why I thought to try it today.

But I did. And it said 322.0.

No, it didn't. I got off, let it reset, and stood on it again.


In September, I had a check-up with my doctor. His scale put me within a pound of 350. Obviously, the scale is wrong. So Lisana gets on it. And it displayes the weight that Lisana gets measured at during her last check-up.

No, this can't be. I hop back on. 322.0.

Okay, so I do what I went to the bathroom for anyway. Then I come into the computer, and Lisana says, "There's a pair of pants hanging on our bedroom dorr. Don't look at the size, just try putting them on. You don't have to do it right now." Okay, so I went and did it right then. Not snug, easy to zip. A little tight across the tummy when I set, but I slid the waist down a bit and got comfortable sitting on the bed in the jeans. "Those are your old size 48 pants." No way. I've been wearing 54's. I had to get 54's the last time I bought pants to get a comfortable pair.

So I take the pants off and look at the tag. 48. Okay, broken-in size 48 jeans. But a new size 50 might fit.

In three months, I might have lost 25 pounds and 3 or 4 inches around my waist. The doctor said to try and lose one pound a month, and that would be a good achievable pace. But... I've been moving around more (walking some, playing doubles ping-pong, and now playing DDR on a dance pad), and just being smart about eating (mustard instead of mayonaise, eating until I'm not hungry anymore insteal of until I'm full, etcetera).


What a bit of news for New Year's Eve.

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