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Happy New Year's!

For New Year's Eve, Lisana and I caught up with Anna and her sister Roberta Jo. We caught a women's basketball game at Virginia Tech, went to Anna's place and played Virginia Techolopy (Virginia Tech-themed Monopoly-style game), and then went to dinner.

Lisana whipped up some major booty on Techopoly, winning by a landslide. I still need to get even with her for that.

Roberta Jo is still in high school, and she and Anna were planning on attending Blacksburg's First Night. I just wasn't really interested in being surrounded by kids for New Year's, so Lisana and I came back home. I'm just playing around in The Sims Online with Lisana and watching football.

And wishing that I was in on babyraver's fun :^). So I popped out the little airline bottle of vodka that has been hiding in the cabinets. Not that I will get even remotely closed to buzzed, but if I think I want to party a little bit more... I might as well start somewhere.

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