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Work sucks.

My Christmas vacation was over, and I had to go back to work today. I had wanted my vacation to run through the end of the week. But they need me today (well, yesterday now) and tomorrow (as before, today) so that we can make our schedule.


I can't wait for tomorrow evening (this evening?) and Saturday evening. I can stay up late again if I want. I should have gone to bed 45 minutes ago. But I'm still here.

But I'm realizing that stupidity in The Sims Online is not restricted. An aquaintance invitied me over to play the Pizza game, saying she had two other people to play with. One of said "other people" was one of the roommates where I live. He stunk it up bad from my point of view. I pretty much digressed to a little shouting machine at the end.


Better than work at least.

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