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Can my Ego take it?

Our plan for today is to go eat lunch and then go somewhere and do some clothes shopping for me. I wonder if my ego is ready for this.

Facts: I've lost some weight, I fit into some of my older (smaller) jeans, my mom noticed that I had been losing weight.

This does not necessarily mean that I am ready to go clothes shopping, though. It's not that I don't want to go shopping... it has been a while since I've fit into anything most stores carry (since even JCPenney's tops out at 48), and I think I would like to bring something home from the store, instead of having to wait for mail-order.

Of course, if this all goes according to plan, 48 won't be the last stop. So it's not like I want to buy a new wardrobe. But I have these "communicator" style khakis with a lot of pockets that I love, but that Lis says don't look all that great because of the ton of extra fabric. So maybe we'll look for a new pair in a style like that. Not that we'll find it, or that it'll fit well if we find it.

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