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Okay... so a TSO peep (carabelle) tells lisana how her boy is stuck in bum-fuck about like 10 miles away from us. *chuckle*

Seems his car got damaged by a little furry critter that jumped through his radiator and he's stuck until they can get the part to fix the car. So, yeah, he's sorta stuck in bum-fuck without a way around.

So carabelle passed along some info, and contrary to what I've done 100% in the past, I called him up. Of course, there was no answer and the guy at the hotel's desk said he thought that room had checked out, so I didn't leave any information. So then I was chatting online with babyraver, and she asked if I left information. Of course your know what that answer is. So I called back, vowing to leave info if he wasn't there.

But he was there. And we chatted, and he's cool with dinner. So in a bit Lisana and I will go meet the stranger and go out to dinner. Wish us some luck!

(Hey, I wanted to be more social. Damn the world for dropping the reason in my lap. :-) )

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