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And the conclusion to our story...

lisana and I met up with carabelle's boy at his hotel room at just about 6. A few last-minute negotiations, and we're on our way up the street to the Cracker Barrel for dinner.

I had a good ole time just chatting with him. We talked about sports, mainly, though we talked about other stuff too. A little after 8 I decided that maybe we should go pay the bill before they put out an APB thinking that we skipped the check :^). Of course, being 8pm, the only things left to do would be to invite him over, just to drive him back in about an hour (before I'm too asleep to drive), or a movie (also runs into the falling asleep while driving problem), so we just delivered him back to his hotel room.

Of course, we told him to give me a call if he's still stuck here tomorrow. Having caught up with him once, I feel more comfortable about potentially having him over to play video games or some such. I'm not sure about Lis, but we can definitely do another dinner if they haven't fixed his car by then.

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