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I just can't keep my mouth shut. babyraver mentioned a show to me on the WB tonight, so I told my TiVo to grab it. (Of course, it came up because of the subject that was in the description for the show tonight.) I gotta say it was an interesting show.

But, of course, I couldn't contain myself and I go blabbing about it to babyraver who won't see it for like 3 hours after I saw it (coastal time different). I feel like such a stupid fucking idiot.

Of course, it didn't help that I was sorta quiet in game and I think she was busy doing things as well, I guess I just started reading in that she was pissed at me. (Of course, she should be. She told me about the episode, and I was spoiling it for her!)

And this is why I don't do well with people. I just read too much in, don't say anything, and get hurt. It's why I wanted my TSO character to be "separate" from me. But... in this case, the person I've messed up with knows who I am, and I'm not hiding behind the character. *sigh*

There are times where I just feel like such an idiot...

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